Red Dodge

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I fell in love with Hollywood glamour at an early age. I began playing with makeup when I was nearly 10. Throughout high school and college, my love for the art of beauty grew and I began work on independent films and photo shoots. 

I started working as a professional makeup artist in 2001. My bachelors degree in cellular biology and biochemistry took me into the field of cosmetic product research and development. In 2003, I joined MAC and worked in Artist Training and Development for 2 years in addition to being an artist and an assistant retail manager.

At the end of 2005, I started Red Dodge Aristry and became an independent contractor and business owner.  I have keyed runways shows, worked on several films, countless TV shows, music videos and concerts, continued to be an educator in makeup schools, and glammed up clients for red carpets and special events. In 2009, I took on additional roles including Managing Editor of Garage magazine and Director of Sales and Marketing of P.U.S Publications.  At the beginning of 2014, I helped launch Tache Magazine and now serve as Executive Editor and Co-Owner. I am also the Manager and Editor-in-chief of Garage Magazine. My passion for creating art extends throughout all that I do. My body of work continues to grow as I am always accepting new clients and working on new projects. I look forward to making each new day more beautiful than the last. 


It is the exorcism of beauty, the creation of a character and product, that I find so rewarding. It is the art that I can create on each canvas that drives my passion.


Adidas, Acura, The Black Keys, Bodie Stroud, Bret Michaels, Carmen Electra, Chevrolet, Chip Foose, Chris Paul, Counting Cars, Disney, Duff McKagan, Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Famous Stars and Straps, Fiat, Funny or Die, Garage Magazine, George Lopez, History Channel, Honda, Imagine Dragons, Iron Fist, JBL, Jeep, Jesse James, Margaret Cho, Lucky 13, NBC, OC Weekly, Oxygen Network, Pawn Stars, Panasonic, Penn Jillette, Pete Wentz, Playboy, Revolver Films, Sailor Jerry, Square Planet, Toyota, Travis Barker, UGG, Unleash’d Magazine, VH1, Victory Motorcycles, West Coast Choppers, 3D Stereolab ​